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Casio Baby-G Ladies watches

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The series is the female counterpart to the G-Shock series, which is undoubtedly the most famous Casio series of them all. The difference between the two series is that G-Shock watches are slightly larger in the dial and design and the Baby-G series will be more "girly" in the form of more pink and generally lighter colors that produce a more feminine design. Besides the brighter colors that you find here in the series, you will also get many different functions, which can be used for many different tasks. Further, it is female watches, which may be used for diving if it is relevant for you. Remember that the watch should be waterproof to at least 20 ATM before it can be used for open-air diving.
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Casio Baby-G ladies watches

When choosing a watch from the Baby-G series, then you will usually be able to choose a watch with a digital display. The digital dials always gives extra good opportunities, because you will always get watches with many extra features such as timer, countdown timer, stopwatch, and more. It is also the perfect sports watches, since there will not be any analog hands that could fall off, during running and other activities.